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The Role of Sports Massage to Recover from Workouts and Injuries

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Massage is present for thousands of years to treat several illnesses and injuries, including a range of musculoskeletal injuries, stress, and anxiety, repair damaged tissues, and even for pregnancy. It’s a therapeutic technique widely incorporated by healthcare professionals all over the world to treat sports-related injuries and enhance performance.

Sports Massage

When it comes to sports and injuries, massage is the mechanical manipulation of body tissues, focusing on sport-relevant muscles, and performed with rhythmic pressures and strokes, and sports massage therapy is the exclusive technique used to help recover from sports injuries and promote holistic wellbeing.

Unlike other forms of massage that aim to induce relaxation, sports massage is tailored to several sports injuries that are often strenuous. It involves the extensive stretching of tight muscles, stimulates inactive muscles, and boosts the performance and condition of soft tissues.

It prepares an athlete for tough competition by enhancing the athletic function and performance before, during, and after the event. While its efficacy is questionable, sports massage performed by experienced and certified physical therapists gives effective results that are lasting and that boost overall performance.

A Trademark Name in Sports Massage

If you happen to be in Oakland, you can discover the holistic massage services of Download Wellness. The premium massage center in Oakland specializes in offering different types of massage therapy, including comprehensive sports massage.

An Oakland massage therapist working at Download Wellness is an expert with a deep understanding of various concepts of massage. He/she carries practical knowledge of the myriad techniques to combine them for delivering optimum results that last for a significant period.

Among the Massage Therapy Services Oakland offers, the benefits of sports massage are immense and work deep into the areas that need special focus. The best massage in Oakland is performed under international-grade medical guidelines with strict adherence to the practical aspects of traditional techniques that are known to yield lasting results with an evidence-based approach.

The Benefits of Sports Massage

It is extensively used to soothe sore muscles, boost circulation, loosen muscle spasms and adhesions, and stimulate muscle spindles, muscle fatigue, and Golgi tendon organs. Additionally, sports massage helps relieve joints inflammation and facilitates muscle relaxation. A sports massage therapist is a specialist in sports medicine who utilizes these techniques to help athletes’ recovery from intense exercises or use them as a treatment option during a clinical rehabilitation process. This massage is used to:

  • Increase endurance

  • Enhance performance

  • Reduce the chance of injury

  • Reduce the recovery time from an injury

The main benefit of sports massage is, it prevents sore muscles after an intense workout. It also helps the individual perform effectively, and helps prevent several ailments associated with sports and workouts.

The best massage in Oakland combines sports massage with other massaging techniques to deliver more benefits that help maintain metabolism. It improves heart rate and regulates blood pressure. The increased circulation and lymph flow help treat injuries like tennis elbow, sprains, shin splint, and strains quickly and effectively.

A Certified Massage Therapist Oakland provides at Download Wellness offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced joint range of motion

  • Increased flexibility

  • Reduced muscle tension

  • Increased blood flow

  • Decreased neurological excitability

  • Eliminates muscle spasms

  • Increased elimination of exercise waste products

  • Decreased recovery time in-between workouts

  • Reduces chances of injuries

  • Better and restful sleep

  • Increases sense of overall wellbeing

Post Injury

Download Wellness appoints the best massage therapist Oakland ever has to especially focus on performing tailored techniques after an injury. The rhythmic combination of strokes and pressures plays a vital role in injury rehabilitation by activating muscles and increasing circulatory movements. It increases oxygen flow with vital nutrients to soft tissues and accelerates the healing and recovery process of the injured areas.

Deep tissue massage is combined to target specific injured areas and deliver exceptional results. The highly experienced deep tissue massage therapists Oakland offers at Download Wellness focus on deeper tissue structures of the muscles called connective tissues. It’s an intense and focused type of massage therapy that helps release knots or chronic muscle tensions called adhesions.

The Takeaway

Sports massage is highly valued by athletes and physical health professionals. While some of its benefits aren’t supported by research, if you’re getting the results you need and you’re experiencing remarkable improvement, it works for you, provided it is performed by a certified massage therapist.

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