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Wellness at Work 

We offer corporate wellness at your workplace with the same massage therapist for each visit. Our practitioner will get to know your employees and build a rapport so that they know that their wellness is both our and your top priority. When employers show employees appreciation by proving wellness at work then the employees have known to be more productive and have less burnout.

Benefits To Onsite Wellness

  Increase work productivity by allowing staff time and peace to take a real break.

  Reduce stress and burnout at work, while creating a healthier workplace.

    Increase the morale of the company as the employees feel valued.

  Win and retain prospective employees advertising that your company offers massage as a part of your wellness incentive.

On-site Corporate Office Staff

We charge $100 per hour per massage therapist with a three-hour minimum which totals $300 for the three-hour onsite chair massage. We can see up to 18 staff members during the three hours that we are onsite.  You are welcome to add more time as your wellness program grows and other employees gain interest.


Download Wellness Location Table Massage

We also can set up a wellness program where your staff can come in on their own time and receive a 60-minute table massage at our location. Your employer would be invoiced each month for the services provided to their corporate account with Download Wellness. Each 60-minute massage would be at a reduced rate of $89 per hour per person. You are welcome to change the names of employees every month who will come for the massage so you can spread the wellness throughout the staff.

*It is recommended that if your company cannot afford the benefit for staff then your company deducts each amount from each staff’s paycheck (who receives massage) and sends a company check to Download Wellness for payment.


Discount Offer

Many companies prefer to save money and secure their day and time each month by opting into a contract between your company and Download Wellness. We will then reduce the fees to the following:


Chair Massage

A Wellness Membership for 1 year for your staff

Ask us how to get one (1) month free and save over $300 when you sign up.

One Year Commitment required at $90 per hour


We are local practitioners who want to provide wellness at work to companies that are in our community.


To learn more email: info@downloadwellness.com or Text 510-328-4098.