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Memi Vaughn founder at

Memi Vaughn

Founder & Mentor

Memi is a Certified Sports Massage Therapist and the Founder of Download Wellness. When starting this journey, Memi decided she wanted to have a wellness studio that was for all people and offered various services under one roof with free parking. As a single mother of three (twins and a terrific toddler), she found that there wasn’t much time left in a day for self-care and relaxation. So, Download Wellness was born. Download Wellness allows clients to come in and relax through massage therapy. Memi holds a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration & Management. Throughout Memi’s journey as a massage therapist, she has witnessed the transformative shifts in health that can occur when clients adopt a routine of bodywork, diet management, and breathing exercises. She has established a strong client base and has an excellent reputation for bodywork throughout the Bay Area.

Memi has helped thousands of clients and patients reach their health and wellness goals through her massage and bodywork techniques. She has built a successful business and helped practitioners grow their private practice. 

Currently, Memi is mentoring at Download Wellness, amongst several other not-for-profit companies throughout the Bay Area. She mentors student interns at Download Wellness from the National Holistic Institute.

Memi enjoys giving back to NHI students who are just starting on their path to becoming a massage therapist. She has now truly found balance in her life. From creating a successful business, having her twins now at universities in Los Angeles, raising a pre-teen, and now married to a wonderful husband. Memi is no longer in an active role at Download Wellness as she has decided to focus on her self-care. She volunteers her time here at Download Wellness Mentoring
 to help interns become certified massage therapists.

Scott Patterson   Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at

Scott Patterson 

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Scott Patterson is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Download Wellness. In this role, he oversees the organization's budget and ensures the financial health of a small but mighty business in Oakland. He is responsible for developing and implementing the financial strategies, operating and capital budgets, system of financial reporting, and controls that support the overall mission, goals, and objectives of our patients, clients, and practitioners of Download Wellness. He is actively involved in planning and executing strategic partnerships and oversees financial planning and funding strategies. Scott has held various positions at several hospitals in the Bay Area and is passionate about helping patients with their overall wellness. 

Dr. Clayton M. Johnson, M.A., Psy. D.  Licensed Clinical Psychologist at

Dr. Clayton M. Johnson, M.A., Psy. D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist 


Dr. Johnson is from Los Angeles, California. He holds a Doctoral degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Management and Consulting. Dr. Johnson also has a Master's Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family therapy. With 10 years of experience in assessing and diagnosing clients of all ages, Dr. Johnson has a track record of being an advocate for all ages and backgrounds while assisting said clients in getting their needs met. Dually, he works as a director of Training & Development, with 15 years of residential treatment experience, former Psychology professor, and currently serving as an internal consultant & leadership coach for growing & transitioning agencies.

Arthur Ramos  Chief People Officer  ​at

Arthur Ramos

Chief People Officer

Arthur is the driving force behind Download Wellness’ people strategy and its alignment with the key business imperatives. In addition to overall workforce planning, executive talent strategies and talent management, he focuses on diversity, equality, and inclusion, providing executive oversight and support to drive the company’s action plan. He is also responsible for culture and change, holistic practitioner wellness, client engagement and technical skill building.

Arthur holds a Degree in Commerce majoring in Business Management. Growing up in the Philippines, he was taught that people who have a health and wellness routine live longer and have a better quality of life. 

Leticia Williams, MBA  Chief Marketing Officer at

Leticia Williams, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

Leticia was born and raised in Oakland, CA. She attended Holy Names University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and an MBA. with a concentration in Marketing.  With over 20 years of experience, Leticia has worked in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. She was an Associate Brand Manager for Advantage Sales & Marketing. Then, she worked as a Program Manager at IBM in the Omni-Channel & Marketing Department. After working at IBM, Leticia decided to try her hand at Entrepreneurship and is now considered a serial entrepreneur operating three businesses, one as an event planner, two as a brand and marketing consultant, and thirdly a promotions manager in the grocery industry.  Leticia thrives in settings with creative autonomy and can encompass her theory, experience, and marketing skills to get the job done for the organization and its customers.  

 Vivek Kumar  Chief Digital Marketing Officer at

Vivek Kumar

Chief Digital Marketing Officer 

Vivek is a Digital Marketing expert from North India. He holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing & Business Management. He manages all marketing aspects of Download Wellness including the strategy behind growing the brand. He enjoys working at Download Wellness, because it is diverse and is aligned with the mission of work-life balance.

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