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Leading Reasons Why Massage is Beneficial to Overall Health

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Most people have this notion that massage is a program or a technique to pamper themselves and derive the feel-good factor. However, it’s only the half-truth, and massages offer much more than the momentary feeling experienced in the sessions. There are numerous benefits of massage therapy available in different types of massage techniques. Undergoing regular massage sessions help restore mental, physical, and emotional balance and wellbeing, and they also help you reconnect with your body on deeper levels.

Every massage offers unique benefits, and this precisely is the reason to do thorough research on the different types of massages available. Several types of massage therapies relieve you from stress and tensions built over several days, treat different body pain and aches, encourage blood circulation, treat and prevent injuries, and enhance mood conditions. Before moving any further, it's important to know the leading reasons to get a regular massage at renowned massage studios that offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. The reasons indicating a strong need for a massage include:

  • Relieve stress

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Boost cardiovascular health

  • Relieve postoperative pain

  • Reduce muscle tensions

  • Manage and reduce back pain and joints pain

  • Address body aches

  • Induce better sleep

  • Relieve symptoms of depression

  • Help in chronic neck pain

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Encourage relaxation

  • Increase a range of motion

  • Treat headaches and migraine

  • Relieve muscle soreness

  • Provide relief from shoulder or hip pain

  • Increase vitality and promote good mood

A New Name in Massage Therapy

While there are numerous reasons and signs to get a holistic massage, there are a few renowned brands that offer different massage types combining comprehensive massage techniques to deliver optimum results. One such massage studio having expertise in this field is Download Wellness.

This revolutionary studio for massage in Oakland focuses on creating awareness among the general public regarding the importance of massage therapy rather than perform massage techniques mechanically.

This Oakland massage studio concentrates exclusively on helping individuals suffering from different physical and mental conditions find a definitive solution to spring back to life. The studio offers the best massage in Oakland that includes a range of therapies designed for different purposes. Massage and bodywork therapies offered at Download Wellness include:

  • Sports massage

  • Swedish massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Prenatal massage

  • Thai massage

  • Myofascial release massage

  • Tui-na massage

  • Chair massage

  • Hot stone massage

  • Cranial sacral massage

Signs to Get a Massage, in Detail

Head to Download Wellness located in Oakland to experience authentic massage performed in a holistic setting exuding stimulation and tranquility. A certified massage therapist Oakland has in Download Wellness understands the disturbing signs of each individual and plans a definitive course of action to deliver tailored and optimum results.

You’re suffering from a lack of sleep

Insomnia is a common problem many individuals suffer from, and it can hamper performance at home and office. A lack of sleep is also the primary cause of several other conditions like a weakened immune system, stiff joints, risk of depression, and others.

You’re having joints pain

Getting a regular massage works naturally to increase flexibility and motion in the joints and the back. This helps relieve pain and stiffness in the joints without any side effects. This, in turn, boosts blood circulation and increases flexibility.

You have digestive issues

The Oakland massage studio offers exclusive abdominal massage techniques that work effectively to improve digestion. Whether you’re suffering from constipation or having a chronic digestive issue, these massages stimulate your system naturally to enhance functionality and promote a healthier gut and an overall healthy digestive system.

Your muscles are sore and achy

The state-of-the-art studio for comprehensive massage in Oakland delivers a Swedish or a hot stone massage with the right technique and correct pressures that soothe achy muscles. You experience muscle soreness by sitting for long hours and from exerting too much strain. These massages provide the right combination of rhythms and pressures to provide complete relief and promote strong and flexible muscles.

You have a poor posture

A bad posture can be for varied reasons like sitting or standing for extended hours, not sleeping properly, and others. It can lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain that causes poor posture. Undergoing a varied massage session helps your body rejuvenate the joints and muscles that promote a good posture.

You have a weak immune system

Massage isn’t only for treating common physical ailments but also benefits your immune system immensely. A massage session alerts the body’s immune response and boosts the immune system to perform a range of functions and prevent diseases. It’s advised to get a massage biweekly to strengthen your immune system naturally.

You’re suffering from PMS

The pain associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle can be addressed and relieved via evidence-based massage techniques. There’s a direct relation between massage and the amount of water retention, depression, and other common symptoms associated with menstrual distress.

The Takeaway

Visit the best massage in Oakland that performs every technique with an evidence-based and tailored approach to cater to different needs or similar needs in different ways. The well-balanced mix of different massage techniques delivered at Download Wellness packs a comprehensive range of benefits that work on deep levels to provide holistic results that stand the test of time.

Irrespective of the reason or the concern, there’s a massage program that brings traditional practices with contemporary touches to deliver results beyond the conventional benefits. If you’re wondering “where’s the best massage studio near me”, head to Download Wellness that has delightful answers to resolve your disturbing and unique conditions.

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