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A Fantastic Massage Will Help Your Overall Mental Health

One of the most common reasons people book a massage therapy appointment with a new therapist is because they want to make some changes in their life. Perhaps you’re at a time in your life when you’re not sure where you want to go and need help to take some big-facing steps towards the future. Or maybe you’re just feeling mentally exhausted and need some relief from your everyday stressors.

Whatever reason you booked that first appointment with your therapist, there is one thing they’ll tell you: try massaging on a regular basis. It’s mental awareness week and here we are reflecting on some of the best ways to support each other and ourselves while having a positive impact on mental health. Following are some of the benefits of having a massage on a regular basis as per experts.


In case you are someone who is dealing with depression then you definitely don’t wanna get out of your bed right, not always but maybe sometimes. As per a recent study, there is a high correlation between massage therapy while reducing the symptoms of depression. In most cases, massage tends to have a positive impact on the body. Leading to which they increase serotonin simultaneously reducing the neurotransmitters that are involved in enhancing depression.

Depression tends to give an individual a strong feeling to isolate themselves while forcing them to stay alone. Resulting in disconnecting them from their family, friends, and society while losing human connection in every sense. With massage, oxytocin tends to increase which is also considered as the love or cuddle hormone present in an individual.


Are you feeling anxious? Then what about having a relaxing yet soothing massage session. It may sound time-consuming but in reality, it is not. Having a massage session can give you a ride to heaven while reducing your anxiety and stress to the best. Experts say that massage reduces the cortisol level or stress hormone level by up to 35%.

As a matter of fact, massage can reduce the stress that has been built up in your body that tends to cause anxiety to run through your veins. With massage, you can reduce your stress hormone while helping your body fight off anxiety to the best. A group of experts has shown that with continuous massage sessions you can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress to up to 50% including tension, fear, and insomnia.


In case you are having trouble concentrating, a massage is a happy place for you with the best massage therapists near me. As the unique moments and pressure points of massage help in boosting an individual’s ability to concentrate more on a task. Massage tends to relieve tension and once the tension has been released the blood flow to your brain initially gets improved a lot more than any other treatment.

A recent study has shown a decrease in the frontal alpha and beta power that alerts your body with a 15-minute massage. The people who get massage tend to show an increase in the speed and accuracy of solving problems, especially with mathematics. While enhancing the control and performance of an individual.

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