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Physiotherapy VS Massage Therapy- Which one do you really need?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Physiotherapy VS Massage Therapy- Which one do you really need?
Physiotherapy VS Massage Therapy- Which one do you really need?

Have you ever wondered why Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy became the first choice of treatment for patients suffering from neck, spine, and back pain? The answer is quite difficult to brush up on because both the fields of physiotherapy and massage therapy come with a lot of overlapping benefits.

Physiotherapy and massage therapy are treatment methods that can help with many ailments and injuries. Both methods of treatment can help to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with muscle and skeletal problems and both methods work to prevent injuries during rehabilitation. They do, however, have some differences.

The objective of each service

Physiotherapy is leaner towards rehabilitating muscles with improving the functionality of the joint. However, massage therapy is precisely used for the purpose of relaxing body pain and reducing muscle spasms.

Education level

In some countries, physiotherapists are required to have at least a master’s degree while being registered as a professional from a regulatory college. On the other hand, massage therapists need specific skills with immense practice on hands for providing effective massages. Usually, for being a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) or even being a Massage Therapist (MT) need to complete a certification for being officially registered in the documents.


Physiotherapy services are commonly influenced by old-age homes, retirement residences, or child care centers. In addition, physiotherapists have the liability to access various home care services from both public and private clinics.

Most of the time, when an individual is admitted to the hospital in case of surgery in need of ongoing treatment including joint replacement or heart surgery is most preferably going to be referred to physiotherapy for faster and effective recovery. With the help of experts, individuals will be getting a fully designed program that helps in treating the needs of patients. Including:

1. Various workouts and exercises for enhancing the individual’s strength, motions, and functions.

2. Exercises to reduce the pain and stiffness of muscles by manipulating or performing joint mobilization activities.

3. Approaches like airway clearance for individuals facing breathing problems.

4. Treating arthritis or sclerosis.

5. Schemes for people with fractures, sports injuries, or sprains.

Most individuals seek treatment like physiotherapy when they are in pain or are going under a condition that needs long-term work. It is one of the preventative measures for education and daily exercises to prevent injuries.

Why should you consider a Physiotherapist:

1. If you are experiencing pain or lacking body motions due to a recent event including a strain to the accident.

2. In rehabilitation after surgery.

3. For being active physically in your lifestyle.

4. Want to prevent injuries.

5. Enhancing the range of motions to manage perceptive conditions.


Massage therapy is one of the therapeutic hands-on-treatment for manipulating soft tissue with muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, and soon. Following are the benefits of massage therapy. Major benefits of massage therapy are:-

1. Mitigating conditions like chronic pain.

2. Reducing muscle or joint pain that has arisen due to stresses or workouts.

3. Muscle massage for regular discomfort due to pain.

4. Eliminating symptoms of anxiety or depression by enhancing the level of serotonin, dopamine, and so on in the body.

5. Sleep improvement.

6. Relief from headache.

7. Improving blood circulation in the body.

Most massage therapists around the world are self-employed and work among various massage therapy clinics or centers. Massage therapy is one of the appropriate treatments to get relief from any kind of body pain or discomfort.

Why should you consider Massage Therapy?

1. Relief from muscle or joint pain.

2. Need relaxation from high-stress level.

3. Willing to improve your posture.

4. Decompress muscles from intense workouts.

Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy serve the same purpose, but physiotherapy is a Western style of treatment that is done with a professional, usually in a clinic or a hospital. This is not the case with massage therapy, which is done by a trained individual who knows how to manipulate soft tissue without causing injury. Massage therapists have been used in cultures for centuries for various reasons.

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