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Massage Therapists- Myths VS Facts

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Massage Therapists- Myths VS Facts
Massage Therapists- Myths VS Facts

Have you ever thought about becoming a local massage therapist? While a career as a massage therapist might seem appealing, it’s important to know the truth about the training and work it takes to be one. A profession that most parents encourage their children to pursue is now often viewed with skepticism. It’s true that there is some misinformation out there about becoming a massage therapist.

Massage therapy is a booming industry. Many people turn to massage therapy as an alternative to traditional medicine because they want to avoid the side effects of drugs, or they simply want to make lifestyle changes. Massage therapy has also now become popular among athletes who are pushing their bodies daily in training for athletic events, competitions, etc. However, despite alternative medicine becoming more popular each day, there are many myths that still surround the industry. This article will discuss some common myths that revolve around massage therapy and then discuss some basic truths regarding the subject.

There are so many myths and so much information out there about being a Massage Therapist. We are sure you've heard many of them, even if it's just one - you know the typical things people say to massage therapists. From the funny to the outlandish, to the unfounded, there are plenty of myths out there, but how much of what you hear is true?

MYTH NO 1: Being a massage therapist indicates you are in a beauty and spa business. FACT NO 1: You are serving in a beauty business. Usually, the image of a massage is quite often confused with that of a spa. But, you can think of a massage center as a part of beauty and relaxation. It’s more than that of getting hairs and nails done. Most of the registered massage therapy centers are considered to have been enlisted in the state of the healthcare system. Besides that, they have specialized regulated colleges for pursuing massage therapists’ courses. Leading to having therapists with advanced and high skills of practice in massage.

MYTH NO 2: Massage enhances relaxation in the body FACT NO 2: Massages help in healing the body and improving health. As per experts, massage is regulated to be one of the serious medicinal professions. Including them to consist of having primarily hands-on manipulation in the body especially of soft tissues. In addition, optimizing and improving the health of muscles, connective tissues, joints, and so on. Due to which it is not just about comfort but about the health of the individuals. By having massage sessions, individuals can help in growing and improving their physical functions. Whilst, relieving pain and stress from the body. Moreover, it can also be beneficial in curing issues like chronic back pains and headaches. Making it a part of physiotherapy. MYTH NO 3: As a massage therapist you just need some hands-on practice. FACT NO 3: As a massage therapist, you need to learn about science. As a massage therapist, you are stepping into the medical field. Due to this, you need to learn about science in more detail. The foremost thing, you need to ascertain is the anatomy of the human body including bones and their functioning. You will also be studying physiology and pathology- The science of the body and the science of disease respectively. MYTH NO 4: Only young people can pursue this career line. FACT NO 4: Anyone can pursue being a Massage Therapist- It is all about the right education and passion. You must have heard that it’s never too late to fulfill your dream. Even if you want to pursue the line of being a massage therapist. Whether you are from an engineering background or from an acting line, you can pursue this line anytime you want. Wrapping-Up Some people might not realize that massage therapists don’t just do the job to help them relax and relieve their stress. What makes it very interesting is that they give clients massages for their health and wellness. For finding the best massage therapist you have to just search -massage therapists near me and you are all set to go.

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