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Get Rid of Tinnitus With Massage Therapy

How serious is your tinnitus? Are you worried that it will never go away? Is it hindering your career, relationships, or social development because you're too embarrassed to speak in public? Just like many other forms of physical and mental illness, tinnitus can be cured. Massage therapy has been one of the very few proven methods for eliminating the causes and symptoms of tinnitus. When performed by someone with in-depth knowledge and background in sports and injury massage therapy this form of treatment is a real solution. But what actually is Tinnitus, hmmm let’s find out:

Tinnitus is the perception of sound without actually having an external sound in reality. It is a type of chronic condition. The range under this condition tends to be between annoying and debilitating. Tinnitus is usually categorized into two sections intermittent or constant. These can be either experienced in individual ears or both ears.

Under this condition, the diagnosed person tends to hear a ringing sound in the ears. It is not necessary that the sound has a ringing effect but it can be whistling, buzzing, clicking, or some sort of musical tune. Whatever may be the sound, but the main point is that you are looking to get rid of it. Of course, that is the main reason why you are here in the first place.. Right!!!


Tinnitus is one of the common conditions among Americans, as per a recent study around every one American out of ten tends to be diagnosed by it. And from the diagnosis over one-third of them tend to hear a constant ringing in their ears. Tinnitus is a serious condition that may end up arising enormous problems with hearing and balance in the long run. This condition among the people who are aged over and above 40 years but nowadays it tends to be found in the younger generation too.

Scientists say that no particular cure has been initiated for tinnitus. But, a recent group study indicated that having a regular massage session tends to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus while treating them over time. Massaging the neck, ear while chewing muscles can improve the condition of people diagnosed with tinnitus.


Tinnitus can be due to various factors which can be influenced by both physical and mental conditions. From blood circulation issues to having high blood pressure or exposure to new or loud noise can provoke tinnitus. Moreover, the condition like whiplash, TMJ and other related to head, neck and ears are the reasons behind tinnitus. As per a recent study, tinnitus is considered to have some influence on the alignment of the skull and neck. In reference, stress and depression can even worsen the condition.

How massage reduces Tinnitus

There are enormous ways in which symptoms of tinnitus can be reduced. Massage tends to reduce the signs of depression and stress among individuals. In addition to this, massage is also known to improve the body structure of an individual. That initially improves the condition of the tinnitus.

Experts say that muscle and nerve tension can worsen the condition of tinnitus. With the help of massage, the tension between the muscles and nerves can be reduced while aligning the neck, head, and jaw appropriately.

Having a massage session on a regular basis can improve the tissue condition due to the repetitive movements and mobilization done during the session.

Massage techniques for curing Tinnitus

By targeting the crucial points around the ear and neck can reduce signs of tinnitus. For instance, grabbing the bottom of the earlobe and moving it in different directions promotes healthy life. Various stretching movements involved during the massage session can enhance blood flow while relieving ringing from the ears.

During the massage session for treating tinnitus, a mastoid process is followed up. In this process, the muscles around the ear and neck are kept in focus. This process is used with other massage forms that ultimately reduce the tension between the neck and ear muscles while improving the alignment.

Since the most powerful and strongest muscle of the entire human body tends to attach the jaw and skull together and is usually located in the corner of the jaw bone that is closest to the earlobe. Since it is one of the crucial muscles present in the body, hence, the over tension among these muscles can cause misalignment in the body posture while enhancing the ringing. To avoid this having massage sessions is an optimal choice. You can find one by just searching the “Best Massage Therapist Oakland”.

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